DERMATEST GmbH was founded in 1978 by Dr. med. Werner Voss, M.D, specialist for dermatology and allergology, who has been managing the company since then.

The main focus of Dermatest is validated medical and dermatological research methods in connection with internationally accepted allergologic test methods. In connection with the daily practice of a dermalmologists new test designs have been developed. Methods derved from dermatological research were converted into everyday tests. The connection to dermatological practice allows a strong synergistic effect for tolerance. More information on official website:

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SGS Institut Fresenius

SGS Institut Fresenius is one of Europe's leading providers of non-medical laboratory analysis. Institut competence can be seen in more than 150 certifications, accreditations and in 155 years of experience in the field of analytics . This outstanding knowledge justifies our excellent reputation- in Geramny an internationaly- among manufactures, the retail trade, service providers and end consumers. Work for these customers goes well beyond simply providing analytical laboratory services, SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS- with its analitycal, legal and advisory quality assurance competence- sees itself as a problem solver and advisor in the areas of product development, manufacture and processing.

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IASC (International Aloe Science Council) "is a non-profit trade organization for the Aloe Vera industry world-wide. Aloe growers, processors, finished goods manufacturers, marketing companies, insurance companies, equipment suppliers, printers, sales organizations, physicians, scientists and researchers are all eligible for and comprise the membership. The common bond between this diverse group of individuals and companies is an interest in promoting Aloe Vera and its use in skin care products, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and a wide variety of other products." More information on offiial website: