LR Health & Beauty Systems

Since the founding of LR 25 years ago, our name stands for wellbeing and beauty in already 26 countries worldwide. Year after year we record an increase in turnover, which is largely due to the great success stories of approx.


Beauty is the result of inner contentment and physical wellbeing. We support you our innovative Food Supplement Products. Feel completely well and experience the wonderful feeling when body nad mind are in unison. Enhance your lifestyle day by day.


The deisre for physical wellbeing and life long beauty exists since the beginning of manking. Already many thousands of year ago, women placed great importance on beauty and well-groomed appearance. The wore jewellery made from unusual gemstones and made mascara from malachite and burnt cork. Since a few years, men are also more conscious of a well-groomed appearance and inner wellbeing. Despite the different demands for specific, caring and decorative cosmetics, our product line caters for all his and her beauty regimes.


For many years the creation of fragrance has been a long tradition at LR Health & Beauty Systems. Perfume lovers respect our expert knowledge of many years and appereciate the wide range of different perfume creations. Whether it is citric, flowery, oriental of fruity. You have the chance to find your very own presonal fragrance for each and evry occasion and to experience them individually.

Since the founding of LR in 1985 all our products are exclusively made in Germany.

Quite a lot of our product innovations in the food supplements and care lines have been awardeed ratings be e.g. the renowned INSTITUT FRESENIUS and DERMATEST.

LR carrys out no animal testing. We produce our Health and Beauty Products ina way that makes you feel good to use them and sell them.

LR Products come from the very best sources and are chosen from special ingredients which are exclusively selected for LR Health & Beauty System.