Your terms and conditions of use

 1.General terms & conditions

 1.1. The online shop operating at is run by the company

MAG POLSKA, Radom, ul. Lubelska 65

 NIP(tax no) 9481531737 or REGON (registration no) 142017252

1.2. Terms & conditions determine the rules of services in the online shop

Pricelist for international deliveries:

Polish Post Business Class




Croatia,Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,



Kazakhstan,Latvia ,Lichtenstein







Prepaid amount


79 zł / 19 € / 22 $

25 Fr / 16£

(approximate prices)

Polish Post Business Class


Prepaid amount


West & North Africa


North & South America


139 zł /33€ / 25$

44 Fr / 27£

(approximate prices)

2. Principles of purchasing:

2.1 It is assumed that the user of the shop has read the terms & conditions before placing an order.

2.2 The order is carried out after completing an application from correctly and choosing the form of payment and delivery.

2.3 After placing the order the user will receive the online or telephone confirmation

2.4 In case of the payment 'cash on delivery' skleplr reserves the right to verify the order by electronic mail or phone. In case of lack of contact and verification of the order skleplr reserves the right to stop the order.

2.5 If the order cannot be completed in time because of the lack of all the products the Customer will be informed about the uncomplete order and about possibilities of ordering all the products at a later date or uncomplete order in normal time or about the possibility of cancelling the order completely.

If the customer decides to part-realise the order the remaining prepaid amount will be refunded to the nominated bank account.

If the customer desides to cancel the order the full pre-paid amount will be refunded to the bank account from which the money was transferred or to other nominated account.

2.6 The ordered products are sent to the customer within 1-7 working days.

3. Products prices

3.1 Prices displayed on the website are in Polish zlotych and include VAT tax. The prices do not include the cost of delivery, which is paid by the Customer.

3.2 Shop reserves the right to withdraw any products from the offer and to change the prices without stating the reason or giving a notice. In case of changing the prices on the website, the valid price is in the moment of placing the order.

3.3 Sklep LR decides about all the sales in the online shop.

4. Delivery:

4.1 All orders are carried out within 1-7 working days.

- Internationl delivery 5-7 working days

4.2 Deliveries are made through Polish Post service.

4.3 The cost of delivery:

The cost of delivery depends on the form of payment and the size of the order.

  5. Methods of payment:

Bank Transfer: MAG POLSKA  

ul. Lubelska 65

26-600 Radom

Bank Pekao S.A

241240 3259 1111 0010 2834 4369

6. Customers' complaints and returns

6.1. In accordance with the act from the 2nd of March 2000 about the protection of customer rights and liability caused by dangerous products.Customer can withdraw from an agreement without giving the cause within 10 days from the date of receiving the product. In this case shop refunds the cost of product within 14 days from the date of receiving the declaration from customer provided that the product is originally sealed and intact. Cost of delivery and return of parcels isn't refunded.

6.2. When the delivered product is faulty customer's complaint will be examined within 14 days from the date of receiving the faulty product. When the complaint is just filed and accepted the shop refunds the cost of return delivery.

6.3. Both customer complaints and returns will be examined provided the proof of payment is attached (receipt, proforma invoice, VAT invoice)

6.4. Shop does not collect parcels 'cash on delivery'

6.5. Shop is not responsible for decriptions of products on the labels.

7.Privacy policy

Personal details are stored in a safe database, which is protected from access from third parties. Personal details from the  database are only processed to realise the orders or in marketing purposes to improve the quality of our services.

Personal details are stored according to the act from the 29th August 1997 about personal data protection. Our customers have the right to view their personal details and the right to remove them.

8. Transaction safety

The shop does not have an access to credit card numbers or passwords to bank accounts of our customers.